It is exciting for me to be back in the learning seat with the Educational Technology program at Boise State. This term I have a number of clearly defined learning goals. Since 1995 I have designed, developed or co-developed a range of courses across the Career Development Practitioner program at Conestoga College (Kitchener, Ontario). The online content has been primarily created in a ‘text-based’ format. My assessment of student needs is that the learning process could be enhanced through the addition of multimedia content. Hence I am planning to develop content from this EdTech course for the courses that I teach.

WordPress has become my favourite Blogging technology. I have used Blogger and Tumblr in the past and find that WP offers a lot more functionality. Although I started this Blog for a previous course, I have updated it for my current course in EdTech 513: Multimedia. I believe that structured blogging is a very powerful form of reflective learning. My personal experience is that it helps to both cognitively and affectively integrate the learning components from a course into a more coherent whole. It also provides an excellent reference and portfolio.