Welcome to “The Career Stories Project”, a Podcast series demonstrating engaging techniques to help clients share there stories and transform their careers!

In this series, I will be providing the listener with stories that are elicited as a part of career counselling sessions. There are three types of stories.

The first group of stories will provide examples of the types of things clients may share in their first meeting. This process typically starts with high school and follows their perceptions of their career path up to the present. This process enables counselors to learn what the client’s key motivations and needs are.

The second group of stories provides examples of specific vignettes from their life. These activities can come from any life role, such as work, education, and volunteering or family life. A key element is that these stories have the person as the key actor; the success and positive feelings of the event are due to actions they have taken. This enables us to hear the core-motivated skills a person has.

The third meeting involves helping the clients to name the skills clusters to enable them to effectively market themselves in their career transition. We also begin the process of developing summary descriptions of their career identity to support their career transition.

This Podcasting project demonstrates the AECT Development Standard 2.3: Computer-Based Technologies. In this project I am utilizing computer-based technologies (e.g. Audacity, audio recording equipment) to produce educational materials.

I am looking forward to creating this Podcast series!

Career Stories Project Podcast