This course has created the conditions for me to be overflowing with learning! It is difficult to prioritize the learning; here are my top three today.

  1. I have gained in-depth knowledge on the principles and practice of multimedia design. I now find myself looking at online material and moving into an evaluative framework. It is easy to pick out the strengths and weakness of material. This will prove invaluable moving forward!
  2. At a personal level, I discovered that I love auditory media design and development (e.g. podcasts) and struggle with visual design (e.g. screen casts). Although I plan to continue developing in both mediums, I am much more passionate about the auditory realm!
  3. We have a lot to learn about the use of multimedia in adult distance education. I was surprised at how little research there was that looked at the effectiveness of multimedia design in the context of graduate level professional training. I did a lot of extra research during this course and found that it is focused on two things. The first is more entry-level organizational training (e.g. the Clark & Mayer text we used in the course) or more qualitative insights in post-secondary training. I plan to continue researching this area on an ongoing basis.

I am looking forward to continuing to develop multimedia materials for my courses. This class has provided an excellent foundation!