Greetings, my name is Rob and I have two portfolios that I work with: career counselling and teaching. In 1986 I started career counselling youth and have worked my way through many roles including non-profit, private practice and corporate consulting. However, the larger portfolio is my teaching, which started when I was a teenager. Swimming is one of my first loves and I got into swim instruction at an early age. I have been teaching all sorts of things ever since. In 1995 I started teaching people to be career counsellors through a community college in Kitchener, Ontario.

In 1997 I wrote my first web-based course (WebCT Beta) and gradually evolved with the emerging Internet, moving the entire program online by 2002.  The college dropped WebCT and transitioned to the Angel LMS. Howwever, most of my delivery is done through synchronous Webinars. We use a variety of platforms including GoToTraining and Centra Saba.

One of the great things about moving the program online is that it has enable me to move a beautiful location: the Bruce Peninsula (between Georgian Bay and Lake Huron on the 45th parallel). The Bruce Trail goes right by my home and I run or hike in nature every day.

I have set up this WordPress account to both reflect on and track my learning as a part of my coursework in Educational Technology with Boise State University. I welcome your comments!



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